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Our Services


Acupuncture is an ancient technique involving the insertion of very thin needles in very specific spots on the body.  The acupuncture needles stimulate the body's electromagnetic current  which then stimulates the flow of blood and nutritive fluids in a way to help restore the body's ability to heal itself. 


Herbal Medicine

Herbal formulas in Chinese Medicine have been used for thousands of years to help reach the goal in a patients restoration.  We use herbal formulas from only the most trusted sources and we are able to request certified independent laboratory analysis on any batch of any formula we carry.  Safety is the highest priority.


Cupping is another time tested technique used across many cultures.  Cupping uses small round suction cups on the skin.  We use them to pull blood from deep in joints or muscles, allowing fresh oxygenated blood to seep into that area and oxygenate those tissues.  Cupping frequently will leave bruising for a few days but is fantastic at resolving many pain conditions.